At-home remedies for fighting colds

February 2, 2022

I have a few tools that I use to get my baby better, faster and safely.  These are safe and have been very effective for my baby in treating minor colds and sickness without going to the doctor. Please consult your own pediatrician about your child’s health.

Viv woke up with a fever this morning and tons of mucus in her nose. She’s 15 months old now and has only had a fever a handful of times. These remedies have knocked out everything she’s had so far apart from C, which we all got after Thanksgiving.

We love our pediatrician. We think she’s a warrior and a real brave heart. She’s one of those doctors that is speaking from what she is seeing rather than what she is told to see and say. She is a regular physician but she pushes natural remedies before pharmaceuticals though she will write you a prescription when you feel you want to go that route.

  • I use the honey antibiotic daily, or twice a day while she is ill. I have been giving Vivianne honey since before she was 12 months old. I also gave Vivianne peanut butter before she was 12 months old. I watched her closely but I’ve never seen any signs of allergies with her.
  • Homemade chicken broth. I combine this with Celtic sea salt for added minerals. I put this in her sippy cup or I make her a little egg noodle and English pea soup with it. I try to make this her every meal while she is unwell.
  • I am still breast feeding so we continue to use my own body to power her immunity. So during this time I make sure that I am dosing up on vitamin D, C, K2. I believe it’s always better to directly eat foods with all of these additional vitamins and minerals rather than supplements. There’s a lot to look out for with supplements.
    • Make sure your baby is getting these nutrients. If not through breastmilk then through foods and baby vitamins.
    • See recipe for fermented carrots. Fermented foods are an excellent source for vitamin K2. You could even just give baby a little bit of the liquid from the jar if they aren’t able to eat the carrots.
  • Breastmilk in the nostrils. My pediatrician’s office taught me this one. The uses for breastmilk never cease to amaze me! You can put breastmilk directly into the nostrils to fight the mucus and the infection in their sinus cavities. Makes sense. If you can put it directly in the eye why not the nose, too?
    • If you are not breastfeeding you could put salt water into the nostrils.
  • We are BIG advocates of hydrogen peroxide. This is kind of a new one for us as we started all of this due to what’s happening in the world right now. We use hot humidifiers every night during winter. We are adding food grade hydrogen peroxide to these humidifiers. You can nebulize this, too.
    • I have used salt water in the hot humidifiers in the past. If you don’t have any peroxide at your disposable right now I recommend salt water as it is similarly effective. I believe the peroxide is more effective but certainly our ancestors have been using salt water for a looooooong time. Gargles, steams, compresses, etc.
    • Colloidal Silver can also be ingested orally or nebulized
  • Hot showers. I let her sit in hot showers and breathe in the steam. Sometimes I add an essential oil to this but I have noticed some sensitivity to essential oils with my baby, even a brand like Doterra and even an oil like lavender. So I use these with caution when in direct contact with her.
  • Oil of oregano. I made my own infusion from oregano that I had in the yard with extra virgin olive oil. I made it pretty potent but it’s definitely not as potent as what you would buy. This really helps to dry up mucus. Today I was given the advice to give her a couple of drops. So this is a little more experimental. I tried to give it to her straight but she spit it out. Really, this is very mild compared to what you would buy and you should not give that to your baby directly. So then I added some drops into a blueberry, honey, spinach, lemon juice and water smoothie that I made her. She lapped this right up. I’m also taking some of the oil so she may receive some of these benefits through my breastmilk, too?
  • The last thing I did before putting her down for the second nap today is I let her sit in an Epsom salt bath for a few minutes. I put her in Epsom salt baths from time to time and have never had a problem. If she drinks that water she may have a dirty diaper sooner than later but I have not seen any negative side effects to this. Always use caution and talk to your trusted health care providers about your child’s health.

These things combined usually clear up any cold within 24 hours. Remember to keep baby hydrated and comfortable. Keeping her feet warm with socks. Steaming her every few hours in the shower will keep the airways opened up enough for her to eat and drink more comfortably.

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