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Baltic Amber Necklaces (my #1 recommended baby gift)

May 31, 2022

This is my #1 recommended baby gift because I am a true believer in it’s medicinal qualities!

Real Baltic Amber releases succinic acid into the bloodstream when worn on the body for a long period of time (which heats up the stone). It is a respected homeopathic substance in many countries and has been for many centuries. I put the honey amber necklace on my daughter when she was about 5 months old. At first I was nervous about her sleeping in it so I would wrap it around her foot instead of her neck when sleeping. But pretty soon I realized that it was safe and I left it on her neck all of the time. She is now over 19 months old and still wearing her necklace. I was curious to see if I could notice a difference and so I ordered one for myself as well. It is a subtle difference but I believe that I can also tell a change in my GI. I used to feel some GI irritations at night. It didn’t seem to matter what I ate. After wearing the necklace for a while I one day realized that I wasn’t experiencing those symptoms anymore. My daughter has never run a fever while teething, she never had drool and she had very little irritation throughout all of teething. But we didn’t start out that way, which is why I bought the necklace in the beginning. If you are someone suffering from chronic inflammation I highly recommend you try this product.

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