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January 20, 2022

We all have our story. I’m a first-time mom of a redheaded baby girl. She is 15 months old now. I have gathered a lot of resources along the way and this took a lot of time and money. My intentions with Ginger Baby Organics is to share these resources with all of you moms, women and caregivers.

My husband and I had a rough start to becoming a family. There were many ups and downs during this time. I was working full-time as a Senior Project Manager at a marketing agency. I was also managing my own 3 acre property with a 60 year old home. I had two dogs and two cats. Basically, I was managing a lot for a single person. George and I allowed fear to control our outlook on one another. So, in order to keep peace during the pregnancy we just separated.

In this time we both went very deeply inward. It was a miraculous, scary, sad, lonely and moving time in both of our lives. I had our daughter in a hospital with a normal vaginal birth. She was 4 weeks early, however, and very small. She weighed 4lbs and 15 ounces. I didn’t call George until Vivianne was 5 months old. But from that day forward we’ve had nothing but forgiveness, peace, gratitude and absolute love. Vivianne is the proof. She is all smiles, healthy, smart, sweet, SPICY, and vivacious, as her name would imply.

George and I got married soon after we got back together. Not to gush, but to bring hope to all of you single women out there, we have the marriage/relationship that I’ve always dreamed of and it took some work. The power of forgiveness between he and I exceeds anything I’ve ever felt before. To think that I had such a conflict with someone that I now love so much is unimaginable. All I can say is, childhood traumas really have to be addressed before you can find a healthy partner. One really does have to reach deeply into themselves and do the work necessary to become a happy and healthy adult. Maybe I’ll link some of these resources that he and I used to arrive at our place of forgiveness since it is such an important part of our story.

One really does have to reach deeply into themselves and do the work necessary to become a happy and healthy adult.

To give an overview of the rest of the site, there will be blogs about pregnancy, postpartum, nutrition, breastfeeding, building your body back, professional services, products and much more! I’m very excited to get started on this journey with you.

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