Warm Summer Salad (no lettuce!)

July 5, 2022

I used to like green salads and upon occasion I will have a Caesar salad but other than that I don’t eat salads with lettuce anymore. I like to add lettuce to other dishes but the big leafy salad just doesn’t appeal to me any longer and I think that is A-OK. Yesterday was the 4th of July and we grilled some steaks. We had some leftover pieces so I made a warm, garden fresh veggie, salad with it all today.

I warmed up the steak in a frying pan and sliced them into small enough pieces for my toddler to also enjoy. Then I chopped some bell peppers. I tossed them in the frying pan for just a second. I added chopped pieces of cherry tomatoes to the meat and peppers once removed from the heat and I topped this salad off with some fermented carrots. It really hit the spot! Light but nutrient dense. This is how I love to eat in the summer!


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