Breastfeeding Recipes

Chicken Broth Recipe

May 18, 2022

Take the carcass of one large chicken (5-6 pound chicken) and clean the cavity really well. Take all bones and cartilage and place in a stock pot or crock pot. Cover with about 1/5 gallons of filtered or spring water. Add a large onion, multiple carrots, and garlic to taste. Bring to a boil then let simmer for 12 to 24 hours. Can add any fresh or dried herbs in the last hour. 

Strain the liquid and pour into serving size bags or containers for the freezer. You could also can the broth. This broth is the base for most of my other recipes. It is also the most delicious to just drink by itself. I like to hold the salt until I use the broth in a recipe or as a drink. This is the best remedy for a child getting over an illness, a mom who has recently given birth, lactating women and anyone needing a boost in vitamins and minerals.

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