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Informed consent

February 7, 2022

While I was pregnant I went through a great awakening. Just becoming a mother in itself was the most spiritual experience I’ve ever had. During the pregnancy I did a lot of research about breastfeeding, vaccines, nutrition, baby development, etc. When left the hospital I began the search for pediatricians. That was just as difficult as my search for an OBGYN. I was met with the same amount of pressures there as I had received during my pregnancy. I really started questioning the motives.

Why, if you are saying that my baby is not receiving adequate nutrition from my body, would I give her something potentially harmful at a time when it is not necessary? We know that vaccines are not safe when taken while the baby is sick. They do openly tell us this. Don’t bring your baby while they have a fever. In the same breath that the pediatrician tells me to take my baby straight to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta if she gets a fever, do not take her to the ER in town, she is also telling me it’s time for her to receive a vaccine.  Vaccines can cause side effects. They admit this. Vaccines can make babies sick. They admit this. So why are you telling me to stick a needle full of ingredients that you don’t want me to know about in my under 5 pound baby?

Did you know that a woman’s body will draw nutrition from her own bones to give to her baby?  Did you know that a woman’s body adjusts to provide the right fats and nutrition to the baby she is feeding? A baby’s saliva tells the mother’s body what it needs. I’ve witnessed it with my own baby. I know first hand how hard I had to work at keeping up my own nutrition. I literally saw the fat transfer from my body to hers. I dropped below my pre-pregnancy weight while breastfeeding. It is serious business keeping up your nutrition. Yet, starving women in 3rd world countries are able to breastfeed their babies. There are circumstances in which women have problems that get in the way and that does need special medical attention. I am GRATEFUL that we have a way to feed our babies when we aren’t able to produce ourselves. I am just saying that much of the time there isn’t a problem at all but we are being told there is a problem.

Research on these topics:

The High Wire

The Truth about Cancer

Stand for Health Freedom

The Healthy American

This Vaxxed Documentary

Additional research:

Doctors and Science Against the Wind- this doctor speaks from his own practice.

Experiment. Question your doctor. Are your questions welcomed? Be your own scientist. I want providers that are their own scientists. I want providers that pay attention to what is happening. How much money is that provider receiving to push products? What are their rewards for getting you to take something? ASK. ASK. ASK. Ask to see the ingredients of the vaccines they want to give your baby. Why do we look at the ingredients in the food we eat but we don’t look at the ingredients that we are allowing someone to inject into our precious baby’s body? ASK. Do you know how many of those ingredients are considered neurotoxins?

<blockquote> I want providers that are their own scientists.</blockquote>

Have you read through all of this research and more? You are now informed to consent. If you don’t take the time to read any of this I would consider you not informed to consent. If you are completely unwilling to read any of this then you are simply not strong enough in your own beliefs to hear another perspective.

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