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Re-mineralization diet

March 12, 2022

I just ordered Cure Tooth Decay: Heal and Prevent Cavities With Nutrition and I haven’t started reading it yet. However, I have been following a few people talking about putting minerals back into your body and especially your teeth. I have a new toothpaste recipe to share with you below and a few new dietary and oral hygiene practices that were recommended to build stronger bones, teeth and everything else in your body! Let’s jump in!

My whole life I’ve been told that I had weak enamel and no dentist could explain why. It has always been a depressing thing for me to go to the dentist and to continue to have dental work done. Recently, I realized that most of what I have allowed dentists to do to me was completely unnecessary and actually very damaging to the longevitiy of my natural teeth and their health. But you can’t go backwards. So I’ve found a new path forward.

I’ve been a 80% or more vegetarian my whole life. I have had a really healthy diet full of vegetables, fruits and grains… or so I thought. Recently I’ve been reading a lot about organ meats, bone broth, raw milk and other animal byproducts. I’ve also been learning about grains and vegetables that actually decrease your body’s absorption of minerals. No dentist talks about re-mineralizing your teeth. Why is that?

I am testing out some new diets and practices to see how much they impact the strength and whiteness of my teeth. I also want to see if I can increase my energy again. After breastfeeding for 17 months I feel depleted a lot of times. I wasn’t sure what else to do to help this. I have increased my protein and I drink plenty of water, eat fruits and vegetables but I wasn’t sure how I was doing with minerals. I don’t like to take supplements if I can instead change my diet. I buy the majority of our food from local farmer’s markets. The food is organically grown, no gmo’s and locally grown/raised. I have started buying soup beef bones, beef livers, kidney, and tons of vegetables. I am cooking the organ meat in various ways, mostly sauteeing. I am going to experiment with some raw liver as well to see if I can notice a difference after eating a pill sized portion of raw liver daily for a few weeks. I have made some bone broth and now I just need to drink it daily. I also use Celtic sea salt, ghee and tallow for cooking. I make all of my own broths now and freeze them for any recipe requiring some broth.

My homemade toothpaste recipe is a variation from the recipe that I found on this blog. I have been making small batches so that I can figure out the amounts of each ingredient that work best for me. In addition to this new toothpaste I am putting a new oral hygiene practice to the test. This new practice is a mixture of baking soda and Celtic sea salt (or pink Himalayan salt), dry and about half and half amounts. I put this dry mixture on my toothbrush after brushing and using the waterpik. I brush it on my teeth, gums and tongue. Then I leave it. NO RINSING! Let it dissolve. Saliva is what will carry the minerals to your teeth so you must remineralize your saliva. I just started this practice to I will update with the results in a few weeks!

Toothpaste recipe:

5 parts Calcium Carbonate powder

1 part diatomaceoius earth

2 parts baking soda

3 -5 parts organic coconut oil

1/2 part activated charcoal

5 drops essential oil (I used peppermint)

Store in a glass jar. Can use a popsicle stick or clean toothbrush to scoop out.

To start out I used a teaspoon as my part because I wanted to test the amounts out before making a big commitment.

There are so many uses for these ingredients. I keep a huge bag of baking soda around for all kinds of reasons including reducing a fever!

Please share your experience with any of these recipes or dietary changes with me! [email protected] or you can comment on any of my socials.


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